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Years in Practice: 31 Years
School: Springfield College
Year Graduated: 1990
License and State: 12576-132 Wisconsin

I was born and raised in Connecticut and graduated Smith College with a degree in psychology. I then pursued a higher education as a graduate of Springfield College with a master in Mental Health Counseling, Marriage, and Family Therapy. I  later became a licensed therapist while living in Madison, Wisconsin and have had a private practice for over thirty years.

However since moving to Florida two years ago I decided to become a certified life coach and fell in love with this collaborative approach to helping my clients. So please if you’re struggling with personal issues that seem to block you from pursuing your own goals, you may want to consider working with a life coach such as myself.

I am known to be very direct but also compassionate, hopefully we are able to collaborate together on discovering healthier solutions for moving forward in your life; As I believe  it is important to set reasonable goals, nurture a sense of purpose, and bravely practice your  own personal skills.

So if you’re interested in personal growth and transformation we can work together. We can also talk through Facetime or Skype, which is like having you in my own office, so even if you’re far away I can be there to help you find your own personal balance.

I’ve written a book called Broken Promises about my own journey and my own personal memoir. It was published 5 years ago on Amazon and has been read by many individuals and their families.

Lost in the pull of alcoholism, Jane Bartels did the unthinkable. She left her five young children in order to drink. This is not only the story of one person’s descent into hell, it is also the story of a vulnerable young family of five children trying to stay strong while their mother continually disappoints and betrays them. 

While Jane tells her story with searing, heart-breaking honesty, the children provide their own gut-wrenching, emotional response. Their shared story provides a penetrating and unique view of the toll which substance abuse inflicts on entire families.

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