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Driveway Installations

Whether you have a long dirt road, or a residential driveway, CJ’s is ready to create a driveway you will be proud of. You can choose from a large variety of finished surfaces including pebbles, shell, crushed shell, and millings. CJ’s has the know- how and the equipment to ensure your driveway will be properly based and leveled for perfect drainage even in Vero Beach’s rainiest months. If you want a driveway you can be proud of for years to come, call CJ’S DRIVEWAYS for the reliable and conscientious serviceyou deserve.


Pebbles come in a vast assortment of colors and sizes giving you a wide variety of earth tones as well as the cooler grey tones. You can choose from smooth river pebbles to a rougher rock base. Make an appointment to view your choices.

Crushed Shell

Shell comes in many forms from totally crushed upon delivery all the way to an average of 3" pieces. CJ's rollers can also crush the shells in place giving you a very firm, but well drained finish to your driveway. Locally sourced, shell is a great for meeting your budget.


Recycled asphalt millings are a great base that will actually meld together and harden over time. Millings can be a cost effective alternative to an asphalt surface while still providing an attractive driveway that drains well.

"CJ'S DRIVEWAYS changed my driveway from a mudslide to a well-drained road that is a pleasure to drive!"

Kris Clements, Vero Beach

Insuring Proper Drainage

To insure the longest life of your driveway, proper drainage is a must. With an average rainfall of 52″ per year in Vero Beach, it is important to create a place for your driveway to catch water so potholes do not form. CJ will work with you to plan the best choice for providing proper driveway drainage and strategies that best suit your property.


A swale can be a perfect solution to control rainwater and guide the water your nearby pond, canal, or other water retention. Shallow swales are easy to maintain with normal mowing routines and still provide a natural drainage for your driveway.

Water Shedding

Forming the right watershed to suit your property is one of CJ's key ingredients to the long term success of your driveway. His keen eye and attention to detail will ensure that rain runs off your drive without forming potholes.

Side Ditches

In some areas where high water tables exist, double ditches may be necessary to keep your driveway high and dry. Even in the wettest areas, CJ can build you a driveway that can remain high and dry.

I am so glad I chose CJ'S DRIVEWAYS. My driveway turned out better than I ever dreamed.

Joe Smith, Ft. Pierce

Meet CJ

CJ has been in the road business for over 15 years. Starting with just a tractor and box blade, CJ has expanded his equipment lineup to include track loaders, rollers, dozers, and other equipment to ensure he has the right piece for jobs both small and large. Clients refer to him as a “one-man army” because of his incredible dedication to get your job done with both precision and speed. CJ is not one to install your driveway without ensuring that you get a job that will stand up to the hard rains we experience in Indian River County. Use CJ’s Driveways and know your job will be done right!

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