Fire Matics Competition

Annual Competition

The Association sponsors the Annual State Championship Firematics Event each year as part of the Annual Conference. The Competition consists of 6 fire related events. We also assist any department in holding competitions throughout the year. For more information on Firematics email the Association at The Florida State Firefighters Association would like to invite your Department to sponsor a Firematics Competition, in your cityIt can be held in conjunction with a Department function or annual local event. We will assist you in organizing and running the event. Click here for a copy of the events rule book. The rulebook is in Acrobat reader format. If you want additional information on hosting an event, you can email the office at

Past State of Florida Champions

1978Seminole F. D.
1979Seminole F. D.
1980Mandarin Loretto F. D.
1981Mandarin Loretto F. D.
1982Callaway F. D.
1983Palm Beach Gardens F. D.
1984Naple F. D.
1986Turnbull F. D.
1987Plantation F. D.
1988Seminole F. D.
1989Turnbull F. D.
1990Turnbull F. D.
1991Turnbull F. D.
1992Naples F. D.
1993Anna Maria F. D.
1994Englewood F. D.
1995Temple Terrace F. D.
1996Temple Terrace F.D.
1997Arcadia F. D.
1998Arcadia F. D.
1999Arcadia F. D.
2000Arcadia F. D.
2001Altamonte Springs Explorers
2002Plantation F. D.
2003Plantation F. D.
2004West Sebring F. D.
2006West Sebring
2008Hardee County FD
2009Plantation F. D.
2010Plantation FD Team 1
2012West Sebring

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